2006, May 27th   After a long sleep again, update with recent mix of "A Dirty Dozen"

A Dirty Dozen.

This new album is still at work, I hesitate on the way to distribute it and on the cover art; then please be patient.

To help the impatient I put on line, as fast as finished, some compressed songs from the tapes, train your ears on them !-).

You'll quickly discover that surprinsgly enough, it's an instrumental album. As the title implies there are twelve pieces, all in various blues comprehensions

The composition principle was that of a sort of a game, the goal was to make each piece in two hours full time, including composition and recording.

To make more fun off the drill each song is based on one out of the twelve minor tones; and there you know where the title comes from...

Mixing and mastering as well were supposed to last another two hours for each piece but... the main hard-disk died, thus I had to take it again from the backups of the recordings.

The idea behind the silly little game was to try an approach of a live composition record, an effort to avoid the usual sclerosis inducted by the comfort we often feel in the studio albums, well, at least that's my opinion on most of recent prods.

Besides, you are invited to check another site : Vincent L. just published his 4th CD album CD, «Les Impatiences Sauvages» Not only because I worked with him on this but it is a really beautiful album of fine song art. You'll make your opinion on this at listening some excerpts in the page «Extraits» !

Face the stars, this moment is yours;
Lost in space, so far you may find your
Anytime, anyway you now see a true
Infinity, a Lord now silently dies.

Back in time, you drowned in the maze
The pit is closed to last, you may lose
your race,
Intertime, counterwise you just dream a
true lie.
Virginity, your life now forever cries...

Face the stars, the moment is lost,
Cold in space, far out, in the void you died.
Into Time, draw the line, you now are a true lie,

Infinity, your Lord now forlorned his grace.