December 28th, 2004   Re-mastering the «The Stars are Cruel ...» album!

The Stars are Cruel ....

As I was in the process of mastering the new album, as I wanted to use some reference sounds I knew I chose to use, among others, a few pieces in my 1998 'Cold Metal' album as I had the feeling there were nice guitar sounds in it. Doing so caught me in som 'biofeedback' loop; I found myself going back to re-maser the old album.
This, of course, will not speed-up the publishing of the new one, but I hope that to wait while listening to the new brew of the 'Stars Saga' will allow some forgiveness to my desperate millions of fans, at least I really hope so!-)

There, I put some compressed pieces of the current versions.

Here are two excerpts from the fabulous 'pressbook' of Dark Design!

To the few who didn't already knew this album, it is essential 'Cold Metal', real big sound used on very intricate compositions, it was recorded mainly in 'home live' (I sent flowers to the surviving neighbours).
The pieces were mostly composed between 1990-1995, there's a cover from a song I wrote in 1977-78. They were recorded between 1994-96, the cut and mastering was made in 1997-98.
I guess that shows my usual and legendary patience and lazyness :-)


I can see your tears in the eyes of the dying star
I can feel the Ship thru the voids still leading her pace
Would you realize that her race was not of our size
How would you reckon to rot in space in such a cold flame

In space, so far...

Remember the time we were heroes of the human race
And planet Earth was the pride of the living Lords
Just video games keep a trace of these glorious lines
Some slags in dark clouds are the veil for our mourning souls.

In space, so dark so far...

When gliding in the night in the end we found the grace
This star in the hole crying songs to the end of space
Within a short year she burnt her soul in million rhymes
We taped in the base, last record to her loneliness

I still see your tears in the eyes of the dying stars
And still is our Ship Hyperspeed thru the ages of Universe
Would you realize that our race will never end
How would you reckon to die alone for such a long time...